Despite labelling itself as a ‘massively co-op action RPG’, Realm of the Mad God is in fact an intense game of survival, leaving you to fight against wave upon wave of unique, deadly creatures – all within a beautifully nostalgic sprite world.

I fell in love with RGM the minute I touched it: the seemingly endless map; the buzzing community of players, all pursuing their own virtual destinies; the fun, simplistic atmosphere… but, most importantly, the complete acceptance of death.

You will die in this game, and you will keep dying the whole way through – so be prepared to tolerate its enforced permadeath!

Progression in RGM is not solely based on the grinding you would expect from a typical mmo, but instead relies heavily on ‘Fame’ – points which can only be gained through exploring, experience and the ultimate destruction of your character. ‘Fame’ acts as an in-game currency of sorts, allowing you to buy specific items as well as contributing to quests and achievements which are strewn throughout the game.

With 13 unlockable classes, Realm Of The Mad God presents you with a different experience in every playthrough: with some characters I chose to brave the world solo, travelling deep into the woodland in search of the bigger beasts – with others, I found myself joining small bands of like-minded players, all benefiting greatly from each others’ specialities and sharing the experience from each kill.

Overall, I highly recommend RGM for its intense gameplay, community feel and extreme addictiveness – it is definitely one of the most satisfying and enjoyable games I have played in recent times.

-Plus, it’s completely free!

Play it in your browser here

Download it through Steam here


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