A classic Roguelike throughout, Gaslamp’s Dungeons of Dredmor is a turn based point-and-click adventure through the randomly generated depths of the Dark Lord Dredmor’s catacombs.

The main attraction within this game is its charm, with every small object, detail and enemy packed full of humorous descriptions and outcomes, creating a very original, quirky world for you to explore – I even found myself laughing at the creation screen, choosing from skills such as ‘Mathemagics’ and ‘Emomancy’ (-only available in its ‘Realm of the Diggle Gods’ DLC) to form my Hero’s abilities and bonuses.

With a default Hardcore mode (which – thank God – can be turned off), the aim of this game is to basically see how far you can get – and to then build on those skill structures/tactics to find what strategy works best for you. However, due to the random generation that each level of the dungeon holds, be prepared for frustration as your newly created character is confined to the graveyard, barely a few minutes in!

Dungeons of Dredmor definitely has a lot of replay value, be it for the loveable Diggles, determination to beat your last score, or even to test out completely new combinations of skillsets – the game holds an incredibly vast and complex range of crafting abilities, each with their own, unique benefits, allowing you to create a variety of traps, weapons and potions.

This game does take a couple of playthroughs to fully understand, but with an in-depth tutorial and a high level of customizability, anyone who is a fan of fantasy or dungeon-crawling is sure to love this – and all for an incredibly affordable price of £3.49!

Buy it on Steam here



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