Despite having no tutorial or any guide to its controls in-game (they can be found here), this very traditional, turn-based dungeon crawler is extremely easy to pick up the instant you download it, placing you straight into one of its various scenarios as one of their three starting characters: Saracen, Wizard or Archer. A variety of other classes can be unlocked, however, but only after you have died a certain number of times – and this you will quickly become accustomed too.

Much like Dungeons Of Dredmor, HSL is based on randomly generated dungeons, creating a multitude of unpredictable events – starting directly next to a high level enemy, for instance. If that wasn’t hard enough, the game has a tendency to be pretty ruthless toward you, leaving your chances of survival pretty low in most occasions as you are left to watch your newly-born adventure cut down, mere steps from the spawn point.

However, despite its flaws, HSL has an attraction in its difficulty – progress is achievement, and the feeling of satisfaction as you manage to venture deeper and deeper into its unforgiving depths is a very different experience without all the tips and hints most modern franchises will thrust upon you. This game reminds you very firmly of your character’s mortality: you’re just a guy with a weapon, and if you manage to complete your quest, you’ve earned all the glory you set out for.

Overall, this game is very much built as a traditional dungeon crawler: your inventory doesn’t extend beyond what you are wearing, every scenario is based around a classic ‘escape this lair/kill this beast’ theme and, most of all, everything is down to chance… But, hey – this is the kind of game you can jump in and jump out of very quickly and easily, the graphics are pleasingly retro – and all for a very low price!

Try it or Buy it from the website here

Buy it on Steam here


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