Spawned from the music of Jim Guthrie, Sword & Sworcery was originally created for iOS, but has been nicely ported to the PC – with the full soundtrack included.

This game is incredibly relaxing, leading you on a journey through a beautifully organic world as you solve small puzzles and interact with the creatures and scenery. Being a point and click adventure, S&S is very undemanding in terms of controls, relying more on the atmosphere, style and involvement of the player rather than any kind of strategy – hints for each stage can be found in the recorded ‘thoughts’ of each character, as well as an inbuilt, optional Twitter feature that allows you to share clues and help other players through the wilderness.

Just watching the trailer for this game was enough to persuade me: an inviting mixture of nostalgia and dreamlike sequences, however all encompassed within a very digital sense of mystery. Sword & Sworcery is not so much a game, but a piece of art that allows its audience to explore its canvas, affecting the landscape with each simple manipulation and movement over the span of 4 short ‘sessions’ that act as chapters for its narrative.

I highly recommend this game as a refreshing break from the stresses and complications of other contemporary works – from the very moment of download I found myself fully submerged within the simple, innocent life that the developers have so perfectly conjured, instantly a part of the mystical flow that makes up the visual recreation of Jim Guthrie’s latest LP.

I would definitely say that S&S works best on a larger screen, so as not too miss out on the full experience of every pixel, animation and detail that inhabits its lovingly crafted landscape – a must-buy for every gamer looking for a bit of release and inspiration.

Visit the website here   – (also, Capy games and Jim Guthrie)

Buy it from Steam here


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