Wow. This game is definitely worth getting, if not just trying out the demo – and, taking over 4 years to build, is truly deserving of all the praise it can be given.

Jasper Byrne’s Lone Survivor centres on a boy fighting for survival in a Resident Evil-esque apocalypse. With limited flashlight usage, a severe shortage of bullets and the biting reminder to eat or sleep, this game is full of suspense and fear, leaving you fearful of every slight change and extremely aware of your own survival.

Describing itself as an adult psychological horror, Lone Survivor is rife with nods and references to the predecessors of its kind, especially that of Silent Hill; almost acting as a patchwork of Byrne’s favourites, except pulling the style off extremely successfully. The game takes you to a very personal level as you scavenge through its claustrophobic corridors, relying solely on the flickering, last gasps of your dying torch and your ever-present alertness for the next encounter with one of its chilling creatures. The graphics in this game have an absolutely beautiful render, drawing heavily on the style of classic 16 bit games – particularly reminding me of early Japanese RPG’s.

The only real criticism I can say of this game is the navigation system. Despite being a 2D side scroller, Lone Survivor uses a top-down map, culminating in some rather confusing directions and frantic running to try and find out just where the hell you are going. However, it could be said that this adds to the experience – much like the rather undependable gun use, it is almost reminding you of how lost and unprepared the character is, pulling on a much greater bond between the audience and the art.

Overall, I found this game to be incredibly immersive, quickly forming a bond with the main character and his innocent, naive perspective – highly recommend.

Buy it or Try it at the website here

Buy it from Steam here


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