Following in the footsteps of many other titles this year, Signal Studio’s Toy Soldiers has joined the invasion of Xbox Live Arcade games being ported to PC, already gaining a strong new fan base with its Steam release.

A deadly combination of tower defence, hoard and survival, Toy Soldiers has definite attraction for bringing an interesting new style to its genre that is reminiscent of old Army Men titles, however with a lot more depth and direction: each piece and detail within the game has been designed to emulate the look and feel of painted miniatures, all captured atop a variety of replica battlefields.

Using a multitude of upgradeable gun and infantry placements, you are tasked with fighting off swarms of enemy soldiers and vehicles, all intent on invading your toy box. The ability to control individual pieces is certainly what sets this game apart from others within its genre, allowing for precise, tactical aiming and speed – as well as using biplanes and tanks to freely roam the environment.

My main criticism of this game lie in its settings – with extremely limited options, not much can be done to configure graphics or speed, which caused a highly frustrating lag to descend every time too many units were in play, but there will (hopefully) be updates and fixes to this in the future.

Overall, Toy Soldiers is fun, addictive and educational, following the progress of real battles across the First World War with a confidently antique aesthetic. Allowing you to easily switch between units or full bird’s eye view, there are potentially a lot of different strategies that can be used throughout, combining tactics, speed and prediction to manipulate the course of war.

The campaign itself is restricted to single player, but the included DLC’s allow for multiplayer combat in a selection of unique maps and scenarios – and all for a very reasonable price.

Visit the website here

Buy it on Steam here

– I forgot to mention that this game is only playable through the Windows Live overlay, so be prepared for the DRM and stress that it comes with.
 Lag issue can be fixed by turning off hardware acceleration of sound in DxDiag, but the music will not work properly (Start > Run > dxdiag).

But, what do you think?

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