With over 93,000 signatures backing a cross-platform release – the biggest petition of such a kind to date, Namco Bandai have finally issued a statement promising fans the arrival of Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition for PC on the 24th August, packed full with a variety of new bosses, enemies and content.

Universally praised for its ruthless gameplay and intense battles, Dark Souls also contains a sophisticated level of tactics and logic, making it a perfect addition to the PC canon – developed by Japanese veterans, From Software. This is one release I am definitely excited about, having backed the petition’s sentiments since its initial conception in January. However, another issue has also risen out of the announcement, but for a very different reason entirely: the use of Games for Windows Live over Valve’s popular Steamworks platform.

Games for Windows Live is notorious within the PC gaming community for its bad online support, intrusive menu and quite frankly ridiculous security, forcing players to have a constant internet connection to play each game. Many a time have I been stung by this over-enforcement, which has too been mirrored in the recent release of Blizzard’s highly awaited Diablo 3, which has had a giant backlash for its own implement of always-online gaming.

Either way, this is one to look forward too and we can only hope there is a future Steam release for this phenomenal title.

Visit the games website here


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