I had to make a long journey by train the other day, so the first thing I did was scour the Android Market for a suitable travel companion. What I discovered therein was too good to not share…

Larva Lamp’s Gurk II is an extremely simple 8 bit rpg, with full levelling and a variety of spells, weapons and armour to loot along the way. Despite being far more finished than it’s predecessor, Gurk, both are great examples of how less is more; hours of entertainment can be found within this very cheap, very cool little game.

Following in the footsteps of the classic RPG titles, Gurk II is turn based, allowing for random monster attacks and battle tactics, as you choose which strategies and paths to take. Also included are stat rolls for characters, boats, summoning and advanced spells – a whole lot more features than other games of this size on the Android Market.

The main downfalls within Gurk II lie in its resolution. As the images above show, the actual play screen is really not that big, meaning that only tablet users will ever really experience the game at a normal ratio – however, this isn’t a massive issue and I found I could play quite comfortably after the first few minutes.

But, be warned – this game is challenging, and an understanding of its mechanics will be needed if you want to progress at a good rate. In my first attempt, I found my players slaughtered constantly, ever pitted against larger and larger swarms of higher powered enemies. It was in my second try, though, that I began to pay attention to the items and potions and their effects, where I instantly found myself playing at a much better standard with no deaths recorded so far.

Overall, Gurk II is a great game with a lot of content. I highly recommend purchasing this – or its free prequel, Gurk – as it will kill the boredom of any RPG fan.

Get Gurk for free from Google Play here

Buy Gurk II from Google Play here

Visit developer Lava Lamp’s website here


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