I’m sure that many of you, like myself, had never heard of ARMA 2 – or could even begin to comprehend the existence of an ARMA 1 – however, Bohemia Interactive’s realistic combat simulator has truly exploded in popularity over the last few weeks with the release of a mod that has got the gaming community drooling with excitement and the big developers, quite frankly, embarrassed that they hadn’t done it earlier.

Day Z is an expansive, open world zombie apocalypse scenario and the brainchild of Dean ‘Rocket’ Hall. Set in Eastern Europe, each new player is left to survive for as long as possible, armed with nothing but a few tins of beans and the full extent of their wit. Day Z is in no way forgiving – in fact it is quite the opposite, and will really push the most experienced hardcore gamer to their very limit – especially so when any other survivors you encounter can be as deadly as they are friendly.

I don’t think I’m at all exaggerating when I say that this is truly the game we have all been waiting for for so many years. Day Z does have its flaws of course, but overall it is the concept and the potential that has caught the eye of the collective gaming world and has now – hopefully – opened up a completely new door for future takes on the genre – an area which previous titles, such as Dead Island, or Dead Rising, could not fully satisfy.

Although Day Z is completely free to play, you do require the base pack of ARMA 2 and its expansion, Operation Arrowhead, to play, so be prepared to splash out a few coins if you are truly interested in getting involved. Alternatively, Bohemia Interactive have already announced the release of ARMA 3 in late 2012/early 2013, in which they have internally hired the Day Z development team in collaboration for better integration, which could certainly be worth waiting for.

All in all, I highly recommend looking into this project for its absolute immersion and realism. Gone are the days of respawns and handy tips – I sense a new age for the hardcore gamer is finally at hand!

CHKilroy‘s video diary is a brilliant example of the full extent Day Z can provide emotionally as well as in terms of quality

Download Day Z from its website here

Buy ARMA 2 Combined Operations from Steam here (REQUIRED)

ARMA 3 development news and info here


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