Proudly declaring itself as ‘the best Space Invaders tribute ever’, Puppy Games’ Titan Attacks does not fall short of any expectations – in fact, it goes quite a bit beyond…

Combining the classic format with a fresh, new selection of upgrades and enemies, you must fight your way from Earth to TItan itself to save your beloved planet from hundreds of waves of relentless aliens. In other words, expect a bad case of carpal tunnel by the end of this, because you’re going to be jabbing that fire button with the rage of the old Gods.

Amongst the usual upgrades (health, power, etc.) there are also additional guns that can be added to your tank – not forgetting an absolute wealth of achievements that will keep even the most casual gamer fixed. Titan Attacks‘s biggest selling point, however, is its charm: each ship and parachuting alien (which are, quite frankly, adorable) is memorable and lovingly rendered in a smooth, retro style and there is most certainly a cheerful sense of humour running throughout each level, as well as its menus – I literally felt saddened every time one of my newly-disarmed prisoners was struck by a stray bullet, letting out a little squeal of pain.

Puppy Games have definitely made a number of good choices throughout this release, especially so in how the player is rewarded for what they do correctly – or where, indeed, they fail. Completing levels without damage will increase a multiplier on your score, but one mistake will promptly put you back to the start, creating a healthy divide between the competitive and casual reaches of the highscores. Furthermore, the game automatically saves your progress and allows you to jump back into each stage with your previous points and upgrades. Throughout each level there are a couple of bonus Challenge Modes which can only be described as ‘living up to their name’.

Overall, this is a brilliant, little game which holds attraction to any arcade lover of any age or skill level. The final stages are impossibly hard, but the ability to replay certainly replaces any frustration with a sense of satisfaction that has placed Titan Attacks as a very strong competitor within its field – certainly worth trying out for yourself.

Buy it from Steam here

Try it or Buy it from Puppy Games’ website here


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