Hello, World!

You will notice a couple of changes being made to PlayOnThis over the next few weeks, especially so in the addition of 2 new categories: ‘Updates‘, which will allow us to communicate what the hell we’re doing, and ‘Opinion‘, which will open the door to a whole new form of writing! Furthermore, we are collecting more writers and enthusiasts to feed your hunger for the world of gaming – so if you’ve become bored of my inane ramblings, there is going to be a selection of more intelligent people to get your fix from.

As PlayOnThis has focused primarily in simple reviews and the odd bits of news, you will now be receiving much more experience, perception and opinion on certain aspects of games, genres and whatever else is deemed relevant. Of course, this will put more focus onto the category system itself – I recommend you have a browse through it to find the posts tailored to your interests!

Feedback and suggestions about the site, or the writing, are all very, very welcome. If you have an idea for a post – or indeed a criticism – please feel free to leave us a comment, or directly send me an email to the address in the sidebar. If you’re feeling very generous, you could even show your appreciation by ‘liking’ the posts you enjoy and sharing us with your friends!

As always, we are extremely grateful to all of you who take the time to read our humble writings, so thank you for your precious attention – it really means a lot.

Yours sincerely,

argzombies, court jester. 

But, what do you think?

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