Welp, after an unexpectedly long absence I have once again returned to distress your eyes with more words on the world of gaming.

I hope you can all accept my apologies for being much more distant than I originally let on, but rest assured I have not achieved much else in the months since, bar finally completing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 100% with all characters on Playstation 1 – a grand achievement which I’m sure you can all recognise and acknowledge. Feel free to congratulate me in whichever ways you see fit.

Following this post, I will strive to maintain a semi-regular stream of reviews, news and plain old opinion, so your input and thoughts are welcome as ever in building the site and telling me why I’m wrong. In addition to that, please feel free to browse back through our archives and find our thoughts on the titles you love, hate, or maybe have yet to even discover at all!

As always, thank you for all your continued support to this humble blog – it is the fuel that drives this ship, no matter how many icebergs may spring up in its path.



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