Welp, after an unexpectedly long absence I have once again returned to distress your eyes with more words on the world of gaming.

I hope you can all accept my apologies for being much more distant than I originally let on, but rest assured I have not achieved much else in the months since, bar finally completing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 100% with all characters on Playstation 1 – a grand achievement which I’m sure you can all recognise and acknowledge. Feel free to congratulate me in whichever ways you see fit.

Following this post, I will strive to maintain a semi-regular stream of reviews, news and plain old opinion, so your input and thoughts are welcome as ever in building the site and telling me why I’m wrong. In addition to that, please feel free to browse back through our archives and find our thoughts on the titles you love, hate, or maybe have yet to even discover at all!

As always, thank you for all your continued support to this humble blog – it is the fuel that drives this ship, no matter how many icebergs may spring up in its path.




Hello world,


Sorry for the complete absence of updates recently – I currently don’t have any internet in the house and won’t for the next week or two yet.


When everything is back in place I’ll hopefully have a stash of reviews etc. ready to be updated.

Until then, hang tight!





What’s up fellow gamers? (Prepare yourselves for shameless self advertisement.) I just bought a new capture device so I will be uploading tons of new game play and reviews on my YouTube account. And as far as my Take It Off the Shelf series, well I have just been busy lately. But I promise one in the next 2-3 weeks. I apologize, but high school sucks.  So if you truly miss me, check out my YouTube.

My YouTube

Game On!


Hey guys and gals, I have just recently decided to mix up my horizon of video games and take off some of the old games that are collecting dust on my video game shelf and give them one more go. This new series is going to be mainly Xbox games and is just to jog myself and fellow gamers memories of the fun we had with these old favorites.

My using of the word ‘old’ will probably be different  then how you see it. By old I mean games that have passed there hayday or just weren’t given a good shot when they had been released.

Expect the first post within the next week. Game on friends.


Hey everyone,

Just a quick notice to let you all know that my PC has finally been fixed (it has been in parts for the last couple of weeks), so I will finally be able to write a lot more regularly about games which are a bit more… fun. Mac is expanding its entertainment library, but that doesn’t appear to include 2/3’s of my Steam collection.

In short, I will aim to release a post later today, and hopefully keep up some kind of routine from there (it’s not like I’m actually doing anything else).

Keep slapping away at those keyboards,



Hello, World!

You will notice a couple of changes being made to PlayOnThis over the next few weeks, especially so in the addition of 2 new categories: ‘Updates‘, which will allow us to communicate what the hell we’re doing, and ‘Opinion‘, which will open the door to a whole new form of writing! Furthermore, we are collecting more writers and enthusiasts to feed your hunger for the world of gaming – so if you’ve become bored of my inane ramblings, there is going to be a selection of more intelligent people to get your fix from.

As PlayOnThis has focused primarily in simple reviews and the odd bits of news, you will now be receiving much more experience, perception and opinion on certain aspects of games, genres and whatever else is deemed relevant. Of course, this will put more focus onto the category system itself – I recommend you have a browse through it to find the posts tailored to your interests!

Feedback and suggestions about the site, or the writing, are all very, very welcome. If you have an idea for a post – or indeed a criticism – please feel free to leave us a comment, or directly send me an email to the address in the sidebar. If you’re feeling very generous, you could even show your appreciation by ‘liking’ the posts you enjoy and sharing us with your friends!

As always, we are extremely grateful to all of you who take the time to read our humble writings, so thank you for your precious attention – it really means a lot.

Yours sincerely,

argzombies, court jester.